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About Us
MyFaceUnderwearAU comes from the capital of fashion - New York, since 2018. We are committed to providing high-quality and affordable personalized gifts. We are #1 brand of online custom underwear. “Customize Your Special Gift, Creating Memories For Life.” is our core value.
Everyone in our lives is unique, whether it's Valentine's Day, Birthday, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas or every other special moment in life, or just for the simple joys in life, it deserves to be recorded with a wonderful gift. However, unique custom gifts are often hard to find and can be expensive, and the production time is long, and you can't be sure that product customization is what you want it to be, which can be very annoying. That's why you should shop with us at MyFaceUnderwearAU.
What we do
MyFaceUnderwearAU's direct-to-customer model enables us to create the most unique customized product with FREE CUSTOMIZATION, more importantly, and to offer our customers at very competitive prices. Our 3D Online Preview boxers allow you to preview real customization before purchase. Here, you can find just about any customized product for every occasion. We have a varied range of personalized products, including boxers, socks, pajamas, aprons, blankets, etc. You can also have your personal logo on it. There is no end to the possibilities we have to offer.
MyFaceUnderwearAU offer a range of discounts and deals that can definitely suit your budget, so whatever you need, it's right here. Fast shipping and professional customer service team are always at your service.
MyFaceUnderwearAU makes your occasion special with meaningful personalized gifts!
Legal name of business: SOUFEEL JEWELRY LIMITED
Myfaceunderwear.com.au is one of the websites of SOUFEEL JEWELRY LIMITED.
The website is jointly operated by Soufeel Jewelry Limited and NOVA SILK ROAD SARL
Address: Room D,10/F,Tower A,Billion Centre,1 Wang Kwong Road,Kowloon Bay,Kowloon,Hong Kong. 2340560
Customer service email: cs@myfaceunderwear.com.au
Our customer service hours are from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, New York Time.